Paul Carew


Bend, OR


Born in Rhode Island, I spent most of my early years in a small town in Southern Connecticut. My Great Grandfather and Grandmother Ira on my dadís side were both artists and their art hung in nearly every room in our home. My formal art training began at a community college in Western Massachusetts, where I earned an Associate degree in graphic design. I later moved to Boston to attend Massachusetts College of Art and achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography. In July of 2006, I retired after 25 years of service as a staff photographer and imaging technician with the Photographic Services department at the University of Massachusetts. A strong desire to live in the west brought me to my present day residence here in Bend and the beautiful high desert of Central Oregon.
As an artist, avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, my focus has been primarily on the Oregon landscape. Creative inspiration is not hard to find while high atop the Central Cascade Range or watching towering canyon walls reflect off the Deschutes River at sunset. A short drive west and I find myself wandering through the deep greens of old growth forests or strolling on the coastís rocky beaches. Nature as a divine sculpture is often a recurring theme in my work, from polished river rocks to ghostly gnarled trees as subjects. After my many years as a photographer in a university environment I enjoy the human landscape as well, sporting events, fairs, festivals, or a fun day at the local farmerís market. I hope you enjoy viewing the images I have put forward, thanks for visiting and please come again. Sincerely, Paul Carew


Tidal Pool's Treasures -3 by Paul Carew


Tidal Pool's Treasures -2 by Paul Carew


Sandstone Canvas -1 by Paul Carew


Sand walls of Blacklock by Paul Carew


Tidal Pool's Treasures -1 by Paul Carew


Coquille River Lighthouse-2 by Paul Carew


Coquille River Lighthouse-1 by Paul Carew


Warm Winter Light by Paul Carew


Soda Creek by Paul Carew


On the Dunes by Paul Carew


Sunset on the Rocks by Paul Carew


Craters of the Moon by Paul Carew


Thousand Springs Valley by Paul Carew


Dune scape by Paul Carew


Lost River by Paul Carew


Test of Time by Paul Carew


Doing Hard Time by Paul Carew


Rock Garden by Paul Carew


Desert Driftwood 2 by Paul Carew


Sneak Peak by Paul Carew


Summer Spoils by Paul Carew


Garden Splendor by Paul Carew


Garden Splendor by Paul Carew


Break of Day by Paul Carew


Last of the Season by Paul Carew